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Our Story

How Did We Begin
When we graduated from top universities in Japan, we return to Malaysia with a deep passion for sharing our experience and the vast array of the positive culture that we have learned and experience in Japan.

Understanding the crucial cultural value from Japanese culture like "思いやり" (Omoiyari) and "改善" (Kaizen), we struggle to bring a positive culture to our communities.

We tried to share the experience by giving free sharing sessions to many educational institutes, but we come to realize that the point and experience that we wanted to share are not easily understood by the audiences.

So, we are struggling to find the best solutions for this problem. Until we find our partner, Aiwa Language Institute in Fukuoka, Japan that offers us to become their official representative for their facilities.

"I Study Japan"

A brand that helps communities to experience living and study the Japanese language in Japan.

From that, we design the best and suitable course for communities to experience the vast culture and studying experiences in Japan and come out with a 1 -3 months short course in Japan.

I Study Japan is the official partner for Aiwa Language Institute.

I Study Japan is founded by several Japanese universities graduate that has a vast network with Japanese companies. and managed by Asuma Travel Ltd.
I Study Japan
Official Partner Of Aiwa Language Institute
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